We develop specialized programs to support our patients beyond their treatment plans.

Exercise Programs


Without strength conditioning, simple natural movement patterns that we do everyday such as bending, squatting, lunging, twisting, pushing and pulling even light weight objects can cause injury.


Part of ever patient’s treatment care should include a Custom Corrective and Strengthening Exercise Program. After a full body evaluation including postural exam, strength assessment, flexibility, range of motion testing, and gate and movement patterns analysis, Dr. Dreyer can design and train you in a specific, easy to follow, exercise program to help keep you functioning at your best.

Wellness Programs

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The way you work, will effect the way you feel.

Dr. Dreyer has been specially trained and certified as an Injury Prevention Consultant and has provided custom injury prevention training to Fortune 500 companies such as United Airlines and Wells Fargo, as well as various cities and small businesses. Because of this Dr. Dreyer is uniquely trained to provide specialized counseling to patients experiencing chronic neck, back, shoulder, wrist and hand pain from working in poor work environments.

Improper sitting posturing while working on computers at both home and work are some of the biggest causes of headache, eyestrain, shoulder pain, chronic neck, upper and mid-back, as well as low back pain. Because of his extensive background in healthcare and specialized training in injury prevention Dr. Dreyer is extremely qualified to provide customized injury prevention programs to industry, as well as injury prevention and workstation counseling to the individual. It is Dr. Dreyer’s belief that it is what we do most of the day that we adapt to physically. Therefore, if our work space is set up poorly to fit our bodies, then it can become one of the leading sources of chronic neck and back pain, as well as headaches, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. So whether you are the CEO of a large business with a work injury problem or the CEO of your household, Dr. Dreyer can help you.