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We focus on rider functional fitness, including balance, posture, strength, flexibility and symmetry as the best route to improved mounted performance. This combined with the finest in Equine Massage therapy, stretching, Class IV Laser and PEMF therapy helps your equine partner perform at their best.

Steven Dreyer, DC, FACO - Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist in active practice in Newport Beach, CA with 31 years of experience treating athletes.  Dr. Dreyer actively works with both amateur, as well as top level professional equestrian athletes.

Shannon Tallarico - Certified Equine Massage Therapist.  This talented and passionate horsewoman brings her significant skill set of combined massage therapy, stretching and warm up techniques as well as a mastery of Class IV Laser, as well as PEMF therapy to High Point Equestrian Sports Care’s team.  Her keen insight into horse movement and related conditions and the application of appropriate therapy make her a first choice to get your horse back to performing at their best. She is on call for barn appointments throughout Orange County.

Planned Schedule - To Be Announced!


Equine Kinesiology Session
30 min - $60

PEMF Equine Therapy
A 20 min PEMF Equine Therapy session - $60.00

Laser Therapy – 20 min

15 min - $70

A 20 min Class-IV Laser Therapy session
1 – Hr Therapeutic Equine Massage with Stretching
1 hour - $100

2 – Hr Therapeutic Equine Massage + Therapies
2 Hours - $195.00
A 2-hour Therapeutic Equine Massage therapy session with stretching, PEMF and Laser therapy as needed.

Mind Spa/BioMat Deep Relaxation Session
25 min - $50
Deep Whole Body Heat Therapy and Brain Relaxation Therapy!

Advanced Chiropractic Sports Medicine Examination and Treatment
45 Min - $150
Examination includes Chiropractic Orthopedic, Neurological and Functional Assess. Treatment with Chiro, Soft Tissue Manipulation., PT Modalitities

Chiro Sports Med Treatment & Therapy
30 min - $80.00
Chiropractic sports medicine treatment with EMS, Cold Laser and Myofascial Release Techniques and Chiropractic Joint Manipulation. This service level is for established patients.

Quick Care Chiropractic Treatment
10 min - $30.00
Chiropractic Joint Manipulation Therapy Session

Sports Taping
10 min - $30
Sports Taping for muscle and joint support as an aid to athletic rehabilitation.

Coming Soon

High Point Equestrian Sports Care’s Performance Academy Rider clinics

Performance Academy Clinics will blend on horse video analysis of horse and rider, with a complete off horse functional rider fitness assessment to evaluate rider biomechanics, including, strength, flexibility, symmetry, balance.  After input from the rider’s trainer regarding areas of persistent focus, corrective exercises will be provided to each rider as well as a video file of their riding.  

Look for upcoming dates in 2019

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